Runkeeper App review : Apple watch, Fitbit, Android

This Runkeeper app review explores and highlights the best features of this detailed running & fitness app. I’ll go over pricing, the Pros and Cons, and show you how to use the Runkeeper App.

Now that we’re approaching the end of the year, many people are looking for a new app to help them achieve their fitness goals over the winter months. With so many different apps around, how do you find the one that is best for you? With such a huge number of running apps out there, it can be overwhelming to find the best ones.

Runkeeper App review Apple watch, Fitbit, Android
Runkeeper App review Apple watch, Fitbit, Android

There are so many different things to consider. Whether you’re looking for an app that can track your pace, tell you how far you’ve run, or let you know your miles per hour, there are numerous options at your fingertips. What makes Runkeeper stand out from all the other offerings?

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Running may have started off as a hobby for the masses, but it has grown in leaps and bounds to become a world-renowned activity and sport fitness app. This new found success, however, comes with a cost: the explosion of available running apps is overwhelming.

How do you choose which one is right for you? You start by doing your research, which is what I was doing before I stumbled across the Runkeeper app. This review will explain why I like this app so much and how you can use it to get the most out of your running routine.

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Everyone is looking for a way to get motivated to be more productive and in shape. Runkeeper App is a free iOS app that gives you a chance to do just that. When evaluating this app, I used 2 factors: 1) Does the app really work? And 2) Is the app worth downloading? I’ll take a look at both of these issues below and provide an unbiased review of how well it works as well as what it offers to help you get in shape.

Runkeeper App Verdict

Since it’s inception in 2008, Runkeeper has evolved into one of the most ubiquitous fitness apps on the market. With a simple, straightforward user experience and deep data on your performance, it remains as relevant as ever.

With GPS tracked running/walking pace and distance data, audio cues to warn you of upcoming paces and various views of runs and workouts, Runkeeper is perfect for training for races like a 5k or winning your next half marathon.

Engage with other members of the Runkeeper community
Engage with other members of the Runkeeper community to stay motivated and focused while working towards your goals.

Runkeeper is a great app for helping you reach your fitness goals. After you download this app and set up your account, you can start recording your runs as soon as you hit the pavement!

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This app will keep track of where you’ve run and how fast you’re challenging yourself, so that you can compare different routes with friends or try to beat your own recorded pace or running stride. This app does require some movement on your part, but it’s an easy way to get moving and stay motivated in the process.

How to use and setup Runkeeper App on iPhone and Android

So how does Runkeeper work? Users sign up via the app and then set their profiles. Users can also link their Facebook accounts to completely adjust their profiles and customize it to fit them.

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If you’re looking for a way to track your runs, walks, and other sports activities, this app is a great option. Runkeeper lets you track GPS runs, walks, and bike rides, as well as routes you manually enter by using the app’s built in map feature. As you use the app, your progress and pace is automatically recorded so you have a full view of your performance in one place.

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You can customize your experience on the Runkeeper App by tracking different activities in different ways — for example, logging how far or fast you’ve walked or run, how often you’ve exercised which muscle groups when strength training, or viewing live stats while running.

Runkeeper app will help you set your goals
Train with customized training plans and track your runs and progress along the way.

The Runkeeper app helps you get the most out of your workouts whether you’re a beginner or an expert runner. It uses GPS to map your route, distance, time and pace while keeping track of your calories burned and average speed to ensure you’re getting the most accurate counts. Also included are in-app challenges, virtual groups and exercise awards so you can compete with others, and achieve goals like never before.

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You can Quickstart – Track pace and time with the app’s voice-guided GPS running tracker. Guided Workouts – Follow one of the five pre-planned workout routines or download a new one from the Runkeeper website. Training Plans – Work your way up to a 5K or 10K or choose a training program geared toward marathon training. Settings – Turn on notifications so you know when it’s time for a rest, turn off audio cues if you have background noise, find out about updates and access your log to view past activity.

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The app can import workouts from a variety of other training programs, and it’s simple to track your progress. Select one of Runkeeper’s pre-built training regimens, like “I am a Runner” or “My First 5K,” or choose your own combination of intervals, distance runs, and more. The smart coaching system adapts your workout to match your pace, while built-in GPS with mapping lets you see exactly where you run (or walk) every day.

tracking feature and audio cues will help you monitor your pace and distance
tracking feature and audio cues will help you monitor your pace and distance and keep you motivated along the way

After using Runkeeper for a few weeks, I really started to appreciate the detailed breakdowns of my runs. The app tracked my time, distance, and pace that I needed to increase my speed. It also gave me feedback on how fast I needed to run each mile to meet my goal. I also liked that I would receive an email with an overview of the runs that I logged during the previous week and a few other tidbits like average pace and distance.

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At this point, you should know whether or not you like running. Now you need a race (or two). If you stick with a single 5K goal, most of your training will be focused on that one goal. This is actually ideal. When working on long-term fitness and weight-loss goals, it’s easy to lose motivation when you aren’t constantly achieving something new or tangible.

The free Runkeeper app turns your iPhone, iPad, or Android phone into a powerful GPS running and activity tracker. See how many calories you burn with daily activities like housework and the gym, and track your distance, pace, speed, elevation gain/loss, and route.

Running Sessions and Workouts

Runkeeper helps you to achieve your fitness goals by tracking your runs with GPS and delivering real-time coaching, audio guidance and motivation as you run or cycle. You can listen to music or podcasts right within the app, and if you also have a pair of bluetooth headphones for working out, then the app will also read out your pace, distance, speed and other stats. The app integrates with Apple Music and Spotify so you can even control the running music from your phone during a workout.

Use your progress as motivation
Runkeeper app’s running tracker insights will show you the progress you’ve made so that you can learn from what you’ve accomplished.

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Completely redesigned, the new and improved Runkeeper app offers unique new features for runners of all levels. Enjoy a better way to track your exercise with an updated Runkeeper app that offers in-depth training insights, including virtual running challenges, audio coaching capabilities to vocalize stats during your run, and over 50 in-depth audio-based guided workouts that will have you reaching your fitness goals faster than ever.

Runkeeper is one of the most downloaded running app in the world, and it offers a ton of options to help you better monitor your training and keep track of your fitness goals. The Fitbit integration lets you check your progress between the app and tracker, while Nike+ is built into the Runkeeper app to give you credit for every mile you log. If you find completing specific challenges or meeting certain milestones motivating, this app can help you set new goals and reach them.

Runkeeper app Membership and Pricing

The Runkeeper app is a free, easy way to track the distance, metrics and details of your runs. Your phone’s GPS will track how far you’ve gone and how fast—so you can map it on a map to see where you’ve run. It will also track the route you take, your calories burned and keep track of how long you’ve been running. If you’re eager to get even more out of your training, upgrade to Runkeeper Go for just $9.99/month or $39.99/year.

With Runkeeper Go, you’ll get even more stats: an overview of your performance, an overall view of your metrics and goals, personalized training plans based on your goals and abilities and still have access to all the great features of the free app. Whether you’re just starting to run or training for a marathon , it’s there for you!

Don’t know where to start? With Runkeeper Go, you get personalized goals and coaching plans that are better suited for your fitness level and running habits. Swipe between views of your running data to easily see your workout trends and track your performance over time. With more in-depth stats, you can see where you need to improve. Runkeeper Go also shows you what your friends are up to and compare workouts instantly on the app. It’s a better way to run.


Runkeeper is an incredible fitness app that allows you to track your exercise, set measurable goals and see progress along the way. Runkeeper caters to every fitness level: whether you’re just beginning your journey or you’ve been running 5k’s on the regular for years, Runkeeper has something to offer for everyone. Running is a favorite pastime for many people, but oftentimes it can be difficult to find motivation to continue with an exercise regimen.

This is where fitness apps can be really handy; they allow you to set goals and track your progress towards your goal. They are sometimes known as fitness trackers and there are a number of options available. In this article, we’ll discuss Runkeeper, which is one of the most popular applications of its kind, as well as a few other options that are similar in functionality to Runkeeper.

The Runkeeper app will aid you in your fitness goals by motivating you to exercise, tracking your runs and activities, offering detailed analytics, and providing expert content and products.

Download the free app on your favorite android or iOS device and get started today. With amazing features like voice guided audio coaching, live tracking, and stats to help you see how far and fast you’ve gone, the world is your running track. Workout suggestions based on your goals, scheduled coaching plans based on your location, best time of day and run history. Join now to start building a healthy habit in minutes by reaching your fitness goals quickly with Runkeeper.

Used by millions to map their runs, bike rides, and walks, Runkeeper is the largest GPS-based tracker in the world. Beyond that, Runkeeper is a supportive running community where members keep each other motivated. You can choose from pre-planned workouts or make up your own with a wide array of challenges, routes, and coaching plans. With advanced analysis tools and motivating feedback, it’s a good bet you’ll consistently stay on track to meet your goals.

Start here for a comforting tour of everything Runkeeper has to offer.

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