Strava App Review: iPhone, Android and Apple Watch Training Plans

If there’s one thing that can make or break your performance on race day, it’s having a training plan. So before you go out and purchase your next GPS watch, take a look at the Strava app for iPhone and Android devices, because it comes with a complimentary training program.

Most people don’t realize the Strava app is more than just a social running platform — it has several built in features to help you run faster and recover from injuries faster.

Strava App Review iPhone, Android and Apple Watch Training Plans
Strava turns every iPhone and Android into a sophisticated running and cycling computer (and we work with your GPS watches and head units, too).

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The Strava app is used by millions of runners, cyclists, swimmers and outdoor adventurers to track their activities. With training plans and GPS-based mapping, Strava has become an important part of my training program. In this Strava App Review, I will share my experience with the iPhone, Android and Apple Watch versions of the app.

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You don’t need an expensive trainer or a group of cyclists to have a great training plan. All you need is this app and a bike! Considering the plans are customized to your own individual strengths, goals and weaknesses you can’t ask for more. The app itself is easy to navigate, with beautiful graphics and logical structure.

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Strava App - Turn on Beacon and you can share your location
With Strava Beacon, you can share your location in real time with your friends and family. Your contacts will get a notification when you enable Beacon. They can also subscribe to get notified whenever you activate Beacon in the future.

It’s great for backcountry adventures and workouts, but is especially helpful for emergencies when getting out of contact with friends, family and first responders matters the most.

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Strava is an activity tracker and social network for athletes, helping them to track and understand their progress as they explore the city on a bicycle, run in the park or just hit the gym. The Android, Apple Watch and iPhone apps are designed to help runners, cyclists, swimmers and more to record their sporting activity in detail.

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But the app also has a competitive side, with social network integration and leaderboards letting users measure themselves against family and friends in performance stats such as distance covered.

Strava App Verdict

For all of you who are out there hitting the pavement, exercising to get fit or maybe a little bit competitive, Strava App is a great thing to use when you’re training. For those who don’t know about Strava, it is an app for fitness tracking and social encouragement for your athletic efforts. It includes a wide variety of activities like running, cycling and even paddle boarding, so be sure to check out Strava.

Hailed as one of the best GPS running apps available, Strava is a media and social network all in one. Runners, cyclists, swimmers and other health-conscious individuals can use this app to track their route, exercise times, distance and more.

This Google Play Store app has millions of fitness users so you know it’s quite popular. Over the years, this app has added many new features like voice-controlled coaching and a feature that allows you to compete against your friends who have also installed this free app.

Record an activity and it goes to your Strava feed
Record your activities with Strava. Go on a run, ride, swim or poll and it’ll automatically display on your feed for all your friends and followers to see.

Want to know how fast you go, how far you run, what hills you climbed and how long it all took? Use Strava to record an activity and it goes to your Strava feed where you can see what your friends did today, compare your performance over time, see who’s leading the segments you care about and interact with a supportive community of athletes.

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From the simple input of your headphones to heart rate based calorie tracking, Strava has all the tools for runners, cyclists and more. With real-time performance tracking, built-in routes and tailored workouts from a coach, Strava is more than just a running app.

Whether you’re into cycling or running, the new Strava app is the ultimate GPS tracking companion. The Strava premium membership lets users enjoy their favorite activities in peace and privacy. You can now track your runs and rides without worrying about annoying notifications like, “Ken ran 0.07 miles in 2 minutes.” Strava makes it easy to stay connected with friends and fellow athletes as well sharing your best moments on social media.

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Strava compiles, visualizes and analyzes your fitness and wellness data to help you measure, understand and improve your performance. Strava’s intelligent activity tracker has recorded over 10 billion miles and 120 billion meters of vertical climb (and counting), empowering athletes to beat yesterday with every ride, run or swim.

Strave Membership and Pricing

Built for cyclists with Elite, Premium and free memberships, the Strava app is a GPS-based tracking system that enables you to track rides, compare performances, join Challenges and more. The app also provides a community feel through followers and leaderboards, as well as a chance to give back to the cycling world by publishing and reviewing routes.

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The new Strava Summit membership offers more than just training plans, it’s a platform for runners, cyclists and multisport athletes to get support and coaching from the world’s best athletes, creators and coaches.

Strava is compatible with a continually growing list of popular devices.
Whether running, cycling, or walking; Strava can be used with a continually growing list of GPS devices, iPhone, Android and more.

Strava tracks all of your activities, from running, to mountain biking, to swimming laps. With the app, you can easily record when and where a ride or run took place, how much time it took to complete, and see a map of your progress. It also lets you share your progress if you want to provide encouragement for friends or attract the attention of others in the community.

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Over the last few years, Strava has quickly become one of the most popular apps for cyclists and runners. Based on this popularity, many people are asking “How much does Strava cost?” and “What is Strava subscription?” Well we’re here to answer these questions. You see, Strava is a free app that comes with many great features. There are also some premium features that you can unlock by signing up for their Premium membership.

If you already have a Strava account, then you already know it’s a fun place to track your workouts and compete with your friends! The app itself is free. There’s also a $5 monthly subscription that removes ads and gives you additional features.

With a free membership, you can view your stats, take advantage of live segments, set goals and even track your friends. Strava uses GPS to show your workout in real time, on a map and in the app whenever you are recording. You can also explore runs, rides and swims created by the community around you.

The Strava Global Heatmap is a visual representation of athlete activities on a global scale, at the roads, trails and paths you take your bike. With millions of activities logged to date, it’s the most complete and trusted digital record of where athletes are riding around the world. Strava members can add status to their routes using the mobile app or desktop website. As an activity progresses, your Move, Commute and Run statuses will appear as points on the map for every segment you run, cycle or travel along.

As more people move around in an area, that area becomes hotter on the Global Heatmap. You can review maps and search for segments to compete against and those you enjoy most by filtering your view from nearby activities to those from globally popular segments registered by other Strava users. You can also access a historical archive of your own rides by dates taken from your Strava feed.

Here’s what you get with the Strava app:

The Strava app provides all the tools you need to track, analyze, explore and communicate your efforts on the bike–whether you’re cycling on roads or trails. Get full access to Strava’s comprehensive cycling social network with just a few taps. Whether you’re looking to meet other cyclists, gain insight into your training or track improvements over time, Strava’s social network helps you stay motivated and riding more often.

Strava is the social network for athletes
Strava is the social network for athletes

ANALYZE AND EXPLORE YOUR SUCCESS – All-new Route Planning tool for planning bike rides graphically and exploring your activity history – Segment Competition that lets you see how you fared against fellow riders on any segment, view how your best times stack up and compete when it matters most – Training Dashboard that displays key stats from your cycling activities, including calories burned, elevation climbed and an overview of how your fitness is improving

Strava Track and analyze every aspect of your activity
All kinds of groups form clubs on Strava to organize activities and build communities – friends, teams, brands, gear shops and more.

RIDE WITH CONFIDENCE – Safety features protect all cyclists in critical situations. Beacon allows you to mark a specific location for friends or family to find you if needed. Say goodbye to headphones with brand new audio cues designed specially for Strava’s vision-impaired users.


From the trusted fitness app that millions of athletes have already downloaded and loved, Strava is bringing its best features to runners and cyclists. Whether you’re a beginner or a professional, Strava for Apple Watch gives you live HR and power analysis during your activities, plus advanced metrics to help you be better than ever before.

Strava is the app for athletes by athletes. Get deeper analysis of your performance with heart rate and power tracking, advanced training features and personal bests, all at your fingertips. Strava lets you compare efforts with friends and other athletes you follow, add notes and photos to your activities as you finish them, transform your data into stunning visualizations, and much more.

The Strava iOS and Android App is the essential training tool for any cyclist. No matter what type of riding you enjoy, Strava can help you ride more and ride better with Strava. It is the best app for athletes. Just enter your workouts, and watch how the insights help you win.

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