Highland 2 Review: For Screenwriters

Highland 2 is the perfect app for people who want to write and publish their own books. It’s the most powerful, easy to use, and beautiful writing app you’ll find.

Highland 2 has everything you need to write a book, blog post or article. It’s designed specifically for authors and bloggers like you. Highland 2 provides a distraction-free writing environment that can be used to create blog posts, reports, or any other type of document. It has been designed from the ground up with writers in mind.

Highland 2 Review For Screenwriters
Highland 2 Review For Screenwriters – Go back and forth between outline and script as much as you like. Edit with confidence knowing your work is always well-formatted.

You can start by choosing from any one of our pre-defined templates or create your own from scratch. Then add your text in any font style, color and size. To make it easy for you to edit your work, they’ve included a full-featured text editor with spell checker, auto save and more!

Highland 2 also includes tools that will help you make sure your book looks great at every stage of the publishing process:

  • A photo editor that lets you easily crop photos or add filters to them before adding them to your book
  • A page layout tool that lets you rearrange pages in any order while keeping all your content intact
  • A cover creator which allows you to choose from over 1 million high quality images or upload your own cover image
  • Distraction-free writing environment — no distractions while you’re working on your masterpiece!
  • Markdown support — write using Markdown syntax and export your work as HTML or PDF files
  • Export options — open your Highland documents in other apps like Pages or Word by exporting them as HTML or PDF files
  • Keep track of characters, locations, and plot points with a customizable outline
  • Keep track of your research and organize your notes into a database
  • Write and organize scenes with a simple and intuitive interface that keeps you focused on the writing process instead of fighting software.

For Screenwriters

In traditional screenplay formatting, a screenplay is broken up into scenes and acts, each of which has a beginning, middle, and end. Scenes are separated by hard returns, which are typically only entered once it’s clear that a new scene is beginning. Dialogue takes place in the middle of those scene breaks, but action generally has to wait until later in the screenplay.

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Save time and stay inspired with features just for screenwriting.
Save time and stay inspired with features just for screenwriting.

This can be tricky to follow when you’re typing on your own. Highland is smart enough to figure out when one element ends and another begins without your needing to tell it anything—you just start typing.

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This means that you can enter dialogue without worrying about whether your text will be formatted as character or dialogue—Highland will do it for you. You can also enter action without worrying about where it will go in the document—Highland will put it in the correct spot based on your other input.

Imagine this.

You’re writing a screenplay. You need to indicate that someone is speaking. But what if there is more than one character in the scene? And what if one of the characters is just sitting and listening, without replying? And what if both speaking characters are in the same room? And what if you want to indicate that someone else is listening to the conversation, but they aren’t really part of the story, so they don’t need to be a character?

It sounds like a nightmare, but Highland 2 makes it simple. If you use Highland, you won’t have to tell it whether something is a character or dialogue or action. It’s smart enough to figure that out for itself.

One of the more overlooked aspects of writing is formatting scenes. When you’re in the middle of making the story and figuring out what happens next, it can be very easy to overlook things like whether a character is speaking or a character is thinking. But when you’re done with a script and ready to send it out, that kind of sloppy formatting makes your script look unprofessional.

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A lot of professional screenwriters use a program called Final Draft to format their scripts, but Highland 2 does all the same stuff at a fraction of the price. Highland has automatic scene detection, so you don’t have to tell it what is a character or dialogue or action. It just knows. It also has auto-spacing and auto-formatting so that each line is the same length and all the margins are correct.

There’s really nothing else you need to do in Highland, which makes writing that much easier and faster.

For Novelists

For novelists, the process of writing a novel is, by definition, an extended process that can often take months or even years from beginning to end. With Highland, you can set up an outline for your novel and then use the app’s tools to work through that outline until you’ve finished a complete manuscript. The app helps you stay organized, write quickly and painlessly, and review your work to make sure it’s the best it can be before moving on.

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Just write. Highland knows what you’re trying to say and keeps you focused on the page.
Just write. Highland knows what you’re trying to say and keeps you focused on the page.

Highland’s special tools are designed to make novel writing easier. They include:

-The ability to create different types of content right beside each other in the same window—from character bios and research summaries to scene outlines and notes on dialogue

-A “stream” that lets you keep track of everything related to a project, then sort it into groups, or even display it as a beautiful manuscript-like table of contents (think: The Hobbit)

-A dedicated search engine that lets you easily find what you’re looking for, whether it’s in the body text itself or in an attached file—and also helps you find even more details about what you found so you can research on deeper levels

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-An outlining tool that lets you take notes in any order and then organize them however you choose (with a few simple clicks).

  • Organizing Your Novel: Create chapters and scenes with ease, place scene locations on an interactive map of your world, tag chapters and scenes with colors to indicate their status (storyboarded / unfinished / finished), and rename chapters and scenes at any time.
  • Writing Assistance: Write quickly and efficiently with Highland’s word processor that has built-in spelling and

All-purpose writing app

For everything you write, you need to think about how it will be read. Whether you’re writing a comic book or a blog post, each audience has different demands. Different aspects of your writing need to stand out to make sure your message comes across.

This is where Highland shines. Designed for writers, Highland helps your writing be clear and easy to read by making sure your reader’s focus goes exactly where you want it to.

Highland is used every day for school papers, comic books, pitches and blog posts. And with Highland’s support for Word files, Dropbox and Google Drive there’s no file format you can’t take on.

Whether you’re writing a school paper, a comic book, a pitch or a blog post, there are some features you’ll want to use every time. And there are things specific to each kind of writing; for example, you’ll need to make some different choices when you write a comic book than when you write a blog post. 

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Highland is the perfect app to use for any kind of writing because it has all of the features you need and none of the ones that get in the way.

The most important feature in Highland is the multiple-page view, which lets you work on more than one document at once. 

No more going back and forth between different files to find the right information. Just click on your old documents in the sidebar and the right page will always be right there in front of you. You can share this with other writers by syncing Highland across your devices (on Android, just go to Settings -> Manage Accounts and create an account). The editor is simple and easy to use as well; writers spend less time formatting their work and more time actually writing it.

Highland also offers collaboration tools like version history, comments and track changes. You can even add a collaborator to a document at any time.

Gender Analysis

Screenwriters are increasingly using software and other means to track their writing progress, from outlining to scheduling to real-time tracking of their word count. But a recent addition to one screenwriting app has brought with it the ability for writers to do something that’s never been possible before.

Gender Analysis is one of many tools that can help you write stronger female characters. It’s a simple feature that allows you to track the gender breakdown of speaking parts in your script. Instead of having to count up how many times a man speaks compared to how many times a woman speaks, Gender Analysis does it for you automatically.

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Highland’s Gender Analysis feature adds an extra layer to the already useful list of statistics you can generate with Highland: not only can you see who’s being mentioned in your script and how often, but now you can also see how many male- or female-identifying characters there are and which characters have lines of dialogue (or “wisdom” for older characters).

With Gender Analysis, you can track the growth over time of female characters in your scripts; you can also compare different versions, drafts, or rewrites of your script across all these areas.

This can be useful for making sure you’re balancing roles among men and women—if there are too many female characters or if all of them are background extras or if you’re disproportionately having male characters be leaders over female characters, this feature will show you where you’re falling short. It’s a nice way to double-check yourself when you’re writing your script, especially since it comes at a point before you’ve committed to anything; if you realize you’re falling sh

The Verdict

Highland is more than just another screenwriting app. It’s multipurpose and multi-faceted, useful to all kinds of writers who have to do with documents like movie and TV scripts, eBooks, blogs, articles, textbooks and plenty of other writing projects.

It is simple to use and offers many different options for analyzing your script. The app’s strength stops there, however, as it does little else besides provide the various options for tracking a script’s gender breakdown. This can be helpful for professional writers that are looking into ways to get more women involved with their work, but the app doesn’t do anything beyond that.

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